Acting Techniques

Actors Emulate Vaping Craze

Art imitates life as a rise in vaping popularity among teens and adults has increased employment for actors. Advocates on both sides of the vaping issue use creative advertising and modern productions to influence those consumers in the targeted vaping market.

Even though there are restrictions on cigarette advertising, promotions for vape cartridges and e-cigarette products are permissible. As a result, actors are in demand to create realistic portrayals of vapes in promotional ads and anti-vaping campaigns. Prop masters who choose an Elf bar 600 want a real prop to help actors portray an authentic vaping experience. Here are two reasons this vape may enhance the commercial or movie production experience.

Ease of Use

Also called a “Puff,” the Elf Bar 600 is ready to use right out of the package. An actor inhales to use the vape and may take as many as 600 puffs before the vape is depleted. This ease of use and longevity help create a smooth camera shoot for commercial producers and directors. Actors don’t have to worry about whether the device will work. If necessary, it’s simple to dispose of the Elf Bar 600 and choose another for a seamless prop transition.


Offering a diverse array of flavours, the Puff allows the user to choose their favourite. In the Elf Bar 600’s line-up of fan favourites, strawberry, peach, and mango stand out in particular. With more than 20 flavour options, this vape may allow an actor to fully embrace the character while puffing away.