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    Stage vs Screen Acting

    What do actors and actresses James Earl Jones, Jim Parsons, and Julie Andrews have in common? Well, other than having the letter ‘J’ in their names, they are the epitome of stars who have managed to excel in both screen…

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    Classical Acting

    There is no single handbook or actor out there who can claim to have the exact sense of what classical acting is. This acting technique could be compa

  • Martial Arts Actors

    Jet Li

    Whenever kung fu is mentioned, the films of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee occupy the bulk of people conversation, but there could be one untold truth: Jet

  • Martial Arts Actors

    Donnie Yen

    Ask any fan of martial arts film if they know Donnie Yen and they will answer “yes” in the blink of an eye. They will also tell you that he is a legen

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    Meisner Acting

    The late Sanford Meisner is a film legend who rocked the world during his days. He and a group of other actors, including Stella Adler and Lee Strasbe