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    Benefits of Acting For Kids

    There are tons of hobbies and activities that children can be encouraged to participate in. One that should be added to the list is acting. There are a lot of great benefits that the kids can realize from this. Resources…

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    Acting Careers in the Spotlight

    As a professional actor, everything you do will be quite literally under the spotlight. It’s not enough to be able to deliver your lines professionally and fully step into the character’s role. The set-up of the stage and its lighting…

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    Taking Care of Yourself as an Actor

    Acting is a glamourous career path that can take you to so many places around the globe. Most actors admit that even though acting has its perks, individuals should always ensure that they are taking care of themselves both physically…

  • Martial Arts Actors

    Michael Jai White

    Michael Jai White is one man you cannot afford to ignore when it comes to martial arts movies. His intimidating physique, top persona, and commanding

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    Everything About Acting

    Acting is one of the most lucrative industries to work in. From the multi-billion dollar Hollywood sphere to local theatre, there are endless opportunities in acting. Not only is it well paying but it is also one of the most…