Successful Actors' Qualities


Obviously, this is one of the most important qualities of a great actor. Acting, to a large extent, requires the actor to take realities and emotions from their own experiences, and bring them into the acting world. However, these resources may not always be at the actor’s disposal. This is why it is important for actors to sometimes plant themselves in another world that is completely different from their own. This is where imagination comes in.

Many actors tend to have vivid and wild imaginations they connect with. Basically, as human beings grow, they tend to grow out of their imaginations, and this is the reason some successful actors still hold onto those childhood imaginations, where they see the world as a stage with infinite possibilities. They are known as adult-children. It is important for actors to constantly find ways of improving and connecting with their imagination, since this is a crucial tool of their career.

Becoming imaginative is something that every actor should work on, right from the early stages of their career to the time they quit acting, if they have to, that is. There is no great performance that does not harness the actor’s connection to imagination.