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    Everything About Acting

    Acting is one of the most lucrative industries to work in. From the multi-billion dollar Hollywood sphere to local theatre, there are endless opportunities in acting. Not only is it well paying but it is also one of the most…

  • Martial Arts Actors

    Jackie Chan

    The mere mention of Jackie Chan’s name elicits images of extraterrestrial stunts and well acted martial art. Chan has been acting since 1960s, appeari

  • Martial Arts Actors

    Bruce Lee

    Widely regarded as the mixed martial arts (MMA) grandfather of the modern era, no single fan, coach, fighter, or even promoter of the sport can dare d

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    What to Wear in an Audition

    When you enter an audition space, the first thing that’s judged is your appearance. Surprisingly, what you wear comes before the song and lines that you’ve worked on for several weeks. Put simply, how you look may determine if you…

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    Stage vs Screen Acting

    What do actors and actresses James Earl Jones, Jim Parsons, and Julie Andrews have in common? Well, other than having the letter ‘J’ in their names, they are the epitome of stars who have managed to excel in both screen…

  • Acting Techniques

    Classical Acting

    There is no single handbook or actor out there who can claim to have the exact sense of what classical acting is. This acting technique could be compa