How to Improve Even When You Are Already a Great Actor

In acting, just as in every other creative field, you must keep improving to stay relevant. Even when you are at the peak of the industry, there is always a growing crop ready to topple you if you as much as blink. So how can you ensure you stay put once you get to the apex?


This is a tool that has never failed the cream of any profession. Reading tends to set the mind on a growth trajectory that cannot be explained. This may happen by calming you so that you can think better. Getting an insight into other people’s experiences can also motivate you to push harder. Or it could be the peace and calm in a reading setting that works the magic. Whatever it is, reading will never fail you.

Watch Others

You need to know what works and what does not. Watching others helps you to understand their strengths and flaws on stage. Amazingly, it also allows you to discover some of your own. You will be sitting in a theatre, and when an actor does something, you will go, ‘Oh yes, I also do that, and that’s not the correct way!’ This will help you to identify the places where you need to make certain adjustments in your act.


Always take feedback from fans and respond to them. This will require some thick skin because there always are trolls looking to make snide remarks. Learn to shake these off and take genuine comments as a call for self-improvement.

Keep your head down even as a star actor, and take time to interact with other actors and players in the industry. Do not take the ‘Best Actor’ tag as a badge to be merely proud of. Instead, also categorize it as a responsibility to be guarded through consistent hard and intelligent work.