Everything About Acting

Acting is one of the most lucrative industries to work in. From the multi-billion dollar Hollywood sphere to local theatre, there are endless opportunities in acting. Not only is it well paying but it is also one of the most gratifying activities to get involved in.

Few things bring the actor’s soul as much satisfaction as seeing a character they are assigned come successfully to life. It is, however, impossible to start at the top. Most of the big names we see in the film are products of countless hours of rehearsing, auditioning and overcoming rejection. Any actor looking to make it in the industry has to be as tough as nails.

Tips for Budding Actors Starting Out

Even before starting out, an actor with big dreams has to visualise their vision and put in place a strategy to achieve them. With that in place, the actor will need to find a means to keep track of progress so they can know where to strengthen and where to change.

Some aspects of a good strategy include:

  • Building a Portfolio

One needs to build a portfolio that they can use to show the who-is-who in the industry what they have been up to. This will include recordings of even the little projects that they get a chance to take part in.

Rather than build a portfolio with entire works, the actor can create compilations of the best acting moments and present it as one clip. This is an easy task which does not require much product knowledge or equipment. With a simple second hand MacBook pro, an actor can easily edit and compile clips for their portfolio.

  • Creating a Network

It is said that making it in the acting industry is heavily dependent on knowing the right people. Actors who are just setting out usually do not know a lot of people and often take this statement as a discouragement. The opposite is however true.

Creating a network in acting circles is relatively easy. This is because there are relevant people at every level and they are always trying to gain access to higher levels by pushing their people through the door. Therefore, the secret is to begin networking at the lowest level.

Artworks, of which acting is part, often have social gatherings where it is easy to meet the right people.

  • Seeking Mentorship

One way to become the best is to learn from the best. A good actor should have an idea of who they want to emulate and seek to establish contact with that actor. Many famous actors are charmed by serious actors who look up to them and are always willing to help. Care should be taken, however, not to turn into a groupie as this definitely chases mentors away.