Successful Actors' Qualities


Trying to become a movie star is like starting a new business against a backdrop of uncertainty. Just as the business can succeed or fail, your film can either be a hit or a miss as an actor. But do you need to give up? The answer is no. You must borrow leave from entrepreneurs. These people can try out a business idea, it fails, and they still persist. Giving up is not their portion. Think of Thomas Edison; this guy was just amazing. He made numerous errors but still made a light bulb in the long run. And there was fuel that kept him going: persistence.

Persistence is the ability to continue pursuing a cause despite discouragement, challenges, or any other form of forces that go against you. Persistent people press on even when they feel like quitting. Until they get what they want, they won’t stop. As an actor, you will need to realise that not every film you act will be a hit. Some may be misses. You don’t need be discouraged. After all, even the most successful film icons out there did not get it right on their first attempt, but they soldiered on until they achieved their legendary status.