Acting Techniques

Stanislavski’s System

Also known as Stanslavski Method, Stanislavski’s System is a one of the most influential acting methods, and it was developed by Constantin Stanislavski, a Russian producer, theoretician, and actor, through a long period of trial and error. At first, Konstantin was trying to come up with an acting style that would be in line with the great 20th century drama realism, rather than the 19th century histrionic style of acting. In so doing, Stanslavnski never had the intention of developing his own unique acting style. Rather, he wanted to systemize, in performing regimens, how great actors achieved success irrespective of the acting styles that were prevailing at the time.

The Stanislavski method requires actors to utilise their past emotions and experiences while on stage. According to this method, the action or actor’s life begins long before he enters the stage; the entrance is only but a continuation of the actor’s preceding circumstances. The actor trains their senses and concentration to freely respond to the stage environment. The actor is required to develop emotions to ensure that his onstage actions appear as though they were real rather than fictional.